Wrongful Termination Lawyer

bossWrongful termination occurs when an employer terminates a working contract of the employee and also breaches a could of terms within the employment contract. Fortunately, there are laws created to protect employees from a wrongful discharge.

With a free consultation, the wrongful termination lawyer Los Angeles will educate you about the rights of an employee that is stated in the employment law. Upon getting fired, consult with a lawyer to go through your situation and assess if there have been any violations made by the employer. An experience layer will then make a thorough investigation and scrutinize the reasons for your dismissal. If he does see any violations, he will then advise you accordingly on how to proceed with the matter.

Listed below are some of the cases in which you will require an attorney after being dismissed from employment.

  • Getting fired because there is a covenant of good faith between the employee and the employer is a cause for a wrongful termination. This exists so that the employee performing his or her duties at the workplace that expects an agreed upon benefits won’t be taken advantage of. In this case, dismissal of employment usually occurs just right before the employee attains the incentive or benefit. The employer benefits from this since the said benefit goes to the employer instead.
  • Discrimination. Sadly, this is a scenario that happens too often. If the reason of your termination if because of your race, sex, religion, age, or even disability, then you have the right to file a lawsuit.
  • Retaliation. There are instances in which the termination of employment is caused because of the employee exercising their rights. One example is in which the employee takes leave because of health reasons. This is all within the rights of the employee. However, when this becomes a problem for the employer he or she retaliates through the dismissal of the employee. This kind of termination can be grounds for a host of other violations.

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