Sourcing Fashion Jewelry Supplies From China

China wholesalers jewelryWholesale fashion jewelry is a lucrative business if you know how to find the right supplier. Fashion jewelries are a hot commodity in the fashion market. Their low price allows a wider customer list. To maximize your earnings you have to find low cost materials that China wholesalers jewelry provide.

The main materials like beads and synthetic crystals are mass produced in China. It can be very attractive to buy in bulk because of their low price but there are some things you need to know to make sure you maximize your earnings.

  1. Transit time is big a factor. Your business could come to a full stop if you don’t anticipate transit time to replenish your supplies. Transit time depends on which country you are from. US usually have very short delivery time because there are a lot of cargo that come in and out daily. Other countries like Philippines which is much closer to China can take up to 45 days. This kind of delivery should be anticipated to avoid losing time and effort.
  2. Understand your local laws regarding importing. There are taxes you need to pay once you receive your goods. This will go down as an expense and can lessen your profit.
  3. Check if it is the materials that you need. Chinese suppliers usually offer samples to prospective clients. You are able to test the product before you make that bulk purchase.
  4. Manufacturing time. A reliable supplier should be able to give you an exact time on how long their manufacturing time is.

Unless you are placing a large order and or something that is complicated you do not need to visit the supplier in person. Your transactions can all be made online. If you want to test them to see if they are legitimate, simply tell tham that you will do a factory inspection before you make the deal. They will either be defensive or they will welcome you to visit them.

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